Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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    thank you :hattip:
  2. 93C824D8-8D42-4122-B223-00299C9E1646.jpeg
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  3. FAO @JamesLey . Going to be tricky hooking the end in behind the heater duct. I assume there's a hole there somewhere.

    a heater spring 6s.jpg
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  4. Nice rockery Malc ..cost you a fortune in rockery plants
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    IMG-20200331-WA0012.jpeg IMG-20200331-WA0010.jpeg IMG-20200331-WA0016.jpeg

    Part of a walk I did yesterday. That old van has posted by me before and still not moved , I've known it to be in the same place for 13 years.
  6. Day


    How about this for sunshine...3.2amp input from my newly installed 100w solar panel.[​IMG]

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  7. [​IMG]

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  8. Mrs C fattening up dinner
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  9. Needs must and all that. Facebooks automatic tagging now doesn't recognise me. :lol:

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    Spooky sunset

  12. Mmmmm moss :eek:
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  15. 20200409_135624.jpg
    It's alright for some, lazing around all day...
  16. Hollys been feeling a bit under the weather today. :(
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    I know of very little cooler than an older dog.
  18. She's 15 now. She has checkups every few months but now the vets have decided checkups and vaccinations are not essential so they aren't doing them. Only emergencys now. Next month she's due another checkup so i can get the prescription for her loxicom but they're being arsy about it.
    Her pet insurance says its only valid if the vaccinations are kept up to date too.
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  19. Back cooking on the Rocket Stove. Spent the day helping at a community food hub - bit like a foodbank but we delivered and there wasn't the need for a letter to be approved. We delivered 252 food packages that included veg, bread, cakes, pizza, garlic bread and Easter eggs. All the food had been donated by a local food company (Oakhams) and supermarkets.

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