Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Far side of Hardwick Hall, down the Rowthorne Trail. The Hall is just visible in the background.


  2. Snowdonia[​IMG]

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  3. Looks better than the Lakes. Sky was like a coffin lid.
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  4. Is that photo taken from the comfort of the train?
  5. There ya go. You've got the compressor now just get your van repaired and painted!!!!
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  6. As some of you will know, I do like a secret space for hiding bodies ....
    This is the last I'll see of my beloved underfloor storage area now that it has to be closed up :(
    Four cubic metres to find elsewhere now ......
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    Garnadd ugain?
  8. L
    and this morning...
    Think these dramatic skies are anything to do with dust in the atmo from the Australian fires?
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  9. Two separate air masses, the southern hemisphere and northern barely interact. Just the first time we've had some good weather for an age.
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  10. Could be down to the extraordinary high pressure forecast to be highest since 1957
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  11. "progress"?
  12. Is the Fedex man still under there :eek:?
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  13. No, just his "package" ...
  14. If you put a secret trapdoor in the kitchen, and one in the living room, you could crawl under the floor and surprise elderly guests. Just a thought...
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  17. Hi Nick. Great picture I recognise the famous monkey sitting on the skis! Hoping to go back to Venosc perhaps in March.
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  18. Walking the dog earlier and could hear a chainsaw but couldn't see anyone, then noticed this bloke at the top of a bloody tall tree. He'd just lopped the top off.

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