Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Car full of dogs this morning.
    2019-11-30 08.56.10.jpg
  2. Yeah full auto, with all the toys!
    Really nice to drive, only just getting broken in really, 1 year old and 100,000 miles!
  3. You just simply don't touch um.
  4. Bit frosty at Hardwick Hall today :eek:

  5. Have you put any dents in it yet?
  6. IMG_20191130_100715.jpg Pen Hill, Wensleydale. Originally called Yoredale, this is the heart of Yorkshire.

    Looking upt Dale towards Hawes.

    At Snowden Man, near the Bellerby ranges looking into Swaledale and Arkengarthdale. Reeth is out of sight in the bottom where the two dales meet.
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  7. Don't tell Mrs Snotty you're using her nice wash basin....:eek:
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  8. "How very DARE you?!"
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  9. Whatever engineer at Hella thought it was a good idea to put fancy fluting round the lenses should be shot. Might as well label them "Mould, please live here".
  10. Should have gone to specsavers
  11. 2019-11-30 13.19.52.jpg
  12. Haha nope, clean sheet here!
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  13. I'd be sh*t scared to drive it! Take a bottle of T-Cut with you, just in case...
  14. 20191130_143455.jpg
    Proper place to have dinner in that Brizzle.

    Right larf coming into the city down the M32. The queue in the left hand lane for the Cabot Circus (a shopping centre not a collection of clowns) was about 1 mile long. The right hand lane and the city centre was empty..
  15. Sunderland.
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