Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Just need to stay your docs gold

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  2. I’ve got that same picture on my office wall

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  3. Were you aware someone's painted a large blue penis on your fence?
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  4. And enough left over to paint the workmate :thumbsup:
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  5. 1B524D17-F246-4BA8-9D44-72712C2B9C18.jpeg
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  6. No it’s not :confused:
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  7. B8797C4C-23A6-4AC5-A453-DA4281FD8E16.jpeg
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  8. Merlin Cat

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  9. 2019-08-20 09.07.29.jpg
  10. [​IMG]

    Finished resurrection project!!
  11. Very nice! Tele neck on a Strat :confused:?
  12. Think they might have miss priced this
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  13. Weren't the Bullets a sort of budget Frankenstein Strat/Tele hybrid?
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  14. Look closely!!

    It’s an early Bullet rather than a Strat (jack location is the clue). Started with the body from a local guitar shop and built it up in a Vintage Modified style.

    Not sure about the exact age of the body, but I think it’s early enough to have originally had a Tele neck.
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  15. A bit.... the body’s a slightly different shape. They were supposed to be a replacement model for the Duosonic and Mustangs


    They later grew into Strat bodies, which is a shame!

    Excuse the messy lounge!
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  16. Stumpier horns! Are your body/neck actually Fender parts?
  17. The body should be (it’s not popular enough to copy), the neck is from Northwest Guitars.

    I did a bit of a write up here...
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  18. EDBA25FD-D6C5-404B-8B55-C8F8EE5AA3F3.jpeg I have a cheapy strat. I’m lucky in the fact that I can make a £10,000 guitar, sound just as rubbish as this one. It’s a rare talent!
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