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    Do you need shelter outside your campervan but don't want to lose the views? Do you use a sun canopy but wish it gave you some protection from the wind. Do you use a sun canopy but wish it would covert into a tent for sleeping. Do you want an awning that is quick and easy to set up and packs down small. If so, you NEED sheltaPod. Check it out here - £240+shipping. First production run completed. Delivering May 2017 Orange sheltaPod side view.jpg
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  2. Sits back!!!
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  3. Can you post some pics of how it attached to the rain gutter?
  4. Julie@sheltaPod

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    Hi Miss Rosie. Lots of pictures on our website and also if you click the link attached. Five ways to attach to the van - C channel, J gutter rail, velcro straps onto roof bars/rack, webbing straps for 'over the top' and gaps in pole sleeve for suction clamps onto pole. Thanks Julie

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