Shell island

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  1. Surprised Shell Island just north of Portmadog hasn't got a mention (I might have missed it)

    Our favourite campsite ever. Need to be brave with the off road capabilities (tow out for £20 available), watch out for many drunken Scouse, but be rewarded by loads of space, sand dunes, marvellous beach, woods to adventure in and the only rule of don't camp within 20m of anyone else.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. It's a good way south of Porthmadoc, Barmouth even :thumbsup:
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  3. Last i heard you werent allowed to sleep in your bus there, tents only. Has that changed.
  4. Yes, you are right - plenty south of Portmadog and just north of Barmouth - thank the Lord for satnavs!
  5. They say no caravans, but didn't mind about the bus at all - tbh they mind about very little (in a good way!) and leave you to it. Saw lots of T25 and a very nice splitty- although my daughter said she preferred ours as it has 'character' (aka rust and dents)
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  6. rickyrooo1

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    Tents and small campers are allowed, no caravans or motorhomes
  7. It was also no dogs when I last looked don't know if it's changed
  8. Some fields are dog free, but fine in most places. We took ours for £2 a night. [​IMG]
  9. Looks great going this year.
  10. Cool bus @Aang , love it.
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  11. MorkC68

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    looks superb!
  12. Well worth a good drive round before you pick your pitch - we love the sand dunes, but a bit of a treck to the loos.
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  13. Woodylubber

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    Brilliant site on the beach. Mountains at the back of you. Think we're going back this year
  14. my god fella you know how to back a camper where did you but the kids?
  15. sounds like a great campout destination!
    My Cus went last year he loved it.
  16. That's what happens when you put the wife in charge of what we need to take! Back seat is pretty high off floor, so there is leg room for kids. Dog is in there somewhere too :)
    Started using the roof rack now - but wife just takes even more stuff!
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  17. Brilliant!
  18. did you stay a year...?:D

    looks sweet...:hattip:
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  19. from me 270miles if I leave now I may get there when summer kicks in ;)
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  20. we went here three years in a row when i was a kid, including getting blown out in the 79 fastnet storm. i have never seen steel tent poles bend so much. must put it in the list for another visit
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