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  1. Camp Kirk at Shardlow.

    image.jpg Great camping just 30 odd mind from home. Great pubs. Good beer in the Marina bar.
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  2. ketchup with Smirnoff I don't think would mix very well :p
  3. Yes we know!!! We live here. That's why we suggested the Shardlow Sleep Over, & it's a shame you didn't know you'd be here!
    Knock on the boat tomorrow. You'll see the Syncro & Mrs Monkeys' yellow beetle opposite the office, our home is green.
    Look fwd to meeting you..
  4. In fact, sod it, we're on our way armed with beer...
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  5. Should have got you to bring that bloody box!
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  6. They are already onto the Smirnoff and ketchup and could be a bit far gone!
  7. aaaahhh back on the boat
  8. 'Twas good to meet Mr & Mrs Busmonkey. Just finishing off the next bottle of red wine. Ketchup and Smirnoff to go ;-)
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  9. Unexp

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