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  1. Father christmas brought me this,this year a sgs 3 ton jack and added a jacking beam aswell just to be nice 20171231_131643.jpg 20171231_131755.jpg now if that wont lift the van high enough nothing will..
    it lifts to 520 without the beam added and about another 100 with it. Rated at 3ton so easily lifting even if it was full..
    really well made heavy duty... father christmas elf complained when delivering it how elving heavy it was....
    going to make some cups to go under the front and rear suspension tubes if i can find some tube big enough......
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  2. Great !
    Don`t suppose you`ve a link for the beam ??
    Can`t seem to find it ..

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  5. baysearcher beat me to it...............
    do you have the 3 ton jack from sgs..........the beam uses a 30mm centre pin but some of the other jacks use a smaller pin.
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