Setthorns, Campsite New Forest

Discussion in 'Hants' started by BaG hEaD, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Just come back from a long weekend here,... To be honest I didn't really think it was great campsite from the info we were given.... NO Toilets, NO Showers etc etc.

    We only went here because our friends have a seasonal pitch for their caravan...

    The site is situated in the middle of the woods, with little clearings every so often for pitches..
    You must take with you a Portaloo, which isn't really a great hardship.

    We took our children and although there isn't anything for them to do, they didn't once nag us for anything.. I suppose if they can't see a shop,arcade or climbing frame they don't want it... They spent hours cycling around the woods and find wild Deer..

    Great place for a relaxed chilled experience. ^-^

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