Sensible = Volvo....

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  1. This is my other project. Was a 2.3 redblock turbo, currently a 4.2 audi V8 on a 6 speed BMW manual box and soon to have a couple of turbos...
    20190418_122000.jpg IMG_20190111_154054_508.jpg
  2. i like that :)

    i see a 240 (?) square boxy thing on my commute occasionally. it's got a great low stance and a noisy turbo. very cool car.
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  3. Does it really need a turbo ? ? Never mind two of them.. but I quite like it... ok I like it a lot :thumbsup:
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  4. Not really, the Audi ABZ lump is around 300bhp standard, but I keep seeing these yanks and Aussies doing it and fancy trying for 5-600 bhp

    There aren't too many cars that are so comfy to drive and so easy to make go sideways
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  5. I’ll admit I have a liking for those Older Volvo estates
    It’s going to be an animal with that engine boosted
  6. Merlin Cat

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    I saw one of these in Sheffield the other day. I liked it very much :)

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  7. I would like a nice Volvo, P1800 or Amazon.
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  8. I’m holding onto the zephyr then
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  9. Nooo that’s awful
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  11. 1F9098BB-E45E-4225-AFF4-93517D530D90.jpeg
    Who would thought people would want these
    I’m shocked :eek:
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  12. My dad used to have a zephyr when I was a nipper... remember the car been massive. Bench seat up front.. really like em
  13. They were really badly made and woefully unreliable so probably right up your street:D
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    No wonder I liked it ;)
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  15. Sounds perfect:thumbsup:
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  16. I had a B reg one - £50. lol
    It was terrible... yet great. :thinking:

    It had a rubbish 1800 engine but I picked up a cast iron bath in it that took 4 of us to load and it didn't go any slower.
  17. That looks absolutely fab. Love the stance and the period correct Azevs :)

    How does it go? A bit nippy?
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  18. Shifts for what it is. Turbo redblock, few bolt on mods, 15psi - sees off the local boy racers in their ST'S :thumbsup:

    The V8's sat in my 245...too many other drains on the bank account to get it running :(
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