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  1. Hi guys and gals, wife and I have just moved to the Selby area and are wondering if there are any VW clubs in the area?
  2. There is a Leeds one...

    played footy against Drax...:D
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  3. Hello , I am over in North Leeds and the Leeds clubs tend to me more of the younger golf kids. there's a very active Yorkshire group on FB, used to be the Harrogate VW group but has expanded now and is very active with regular meets each month and camps etc. Mix of air and water guys. I have been on a few meets and there a friendly bunch. They do most shows as a club camp and seem to be really living the VW scene.
    May be worth a look up for you.
  4. Thanks for the heads up guys, will check them out.
  5. The Leeds one sounds good I am member but been on owt yet been too skint lol
  6. ron


    Humber bridge

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