Seen a bay on a low loader? - take a picture, take many!

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Moons, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Just an idea stolen from the Retro Rides site.....

    Next time you see a van (or anything old for that matter) on a low loader, take some pictures if you can and try and get registration marks of both vehicles.

    Maybe post it here, with the full reg so that it can be searched for by others - you never know we might capture a nicked one and the scum that nicked it.

    As some of you know - I have my doubts about VW Van theft - but new figures are putting them second behind Mini's and above stolen Fords (am guessing this must include Splits, Bays, Wedges and even builders van's).

    Another idea from a different site is to have a spare king lead and pull the copper core out of it, then replace the ends. Be fun spotting that (unless they read it here).
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    Does that include mine if it's broken down :TTIWWP::TTIWWP:
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  3. Was only saying this the other day.I then thought a deterrent for delaying them getting it on a low loader would be good
  4. Moons

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    I think the key is not to differentiate, take a pic of any on a low loader and get both registrations.
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  5. jivedubbin

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    Just making sure people het the message I think it's a great idea
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    bump bump bump
  7. Spotted this M6 going north near Lancaster 8am on 25/02/15. I posted this in the Spotted link but no-one came forward saying they knew who's it was.

    IMG_0173 (2).jpg
  8. Just done a DVLA search on that it shows tax run out Feb 2015 but MOTed till Feb 2016 so maybe somebody's just bought it. But interestingly it shows colour as white
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  9. Spotted this one, on the M67 heading into Manchester today (13.05.15) . Looks like the owners are just married...hope it's not pinched!

    Attached Files:

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  10. T2.jpg
  11. This one has been seen at least twice on a low loader and once on a dodgy forklift....
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    All - to ensure that the reg numbers can be found when googling them - they need to be written down in text by the picture - it gives someone a chance of finding them (pictures don't) - and as long as we don't put too much info other than that on here I don't think it's a big issue on personal liberty data.

    GNX 534C - Green VW Splitscreen (or white)

    G728 BBK - Red T25 Westfalia

    EFD 852B - white VW Splitscreen

    SRR 866G - white VW Beetle
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  13. This is a great idea defi needs the reg in txt for the search bots to find
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  14. Oh and if you see one with tape over the plates or no plates on it's most likely being robbed !!
  15. Well it's not a Bay, in fact it's not much of a T25, but it is on a low-loader and will be someone's pride and joy... image.jpeg Spotted going north over the Bishopsgate Bridge, by Paddington Station, at lunchtime today. Reg G580ECV.
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  16. 2016-02-21 12.39.24.jpg
    A couple of weeks ago outside Exeter!
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  17. Ady


    It's a great idea,I worry a lot about my van getting nicked as it's been in the family for 43 yrs!! unfortunately if someone wants to steal it they will.what needs to happen is for people to stop being so greedy when it comes to parts prices etc.Most stolen buses get stripped for parts ,i always wonder where the stalls get mint doors and wheel arch cuts from at shows.When i first got into v.w.'s it was just people who purely liked them and bits were fairly cheap,you could buy a camper with an mot for a few hundred quid and have a blast in it.Now it seems people are far more interested it v.w.'s purely because they are worth something which i hate as they are not true enthusiasts.When my wife's grandad bought his van in 1973 he didn't think to himself "ooo one day this will be worth a bit".He bought it so he could take his family up and down the country and have holidays etc.Now i own it and was lucky enough to inherit it,i see it as just "the van" thats what it's always been but the amount of people that say to me "worth a few grand that " like i'm ever going to sell it. Guess what i'm trying to say is if people didn't drive up the prices purely for profit then perhaps they would be less desirable and not worth nicking and then the true enthusiasts could get on with enjoying there buses/bugs/classic what ever without having to shackle it to the ground every time they went for a stroll.
  18. That van was worth a bob or two back in 1973 - in fact around £1200 when the house I had just bought was £4500 -and my 1970 Midget was £700 so at that rate it was equivalent to around £30k
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  19. The VW camper vans were an expensive luxury in the 1960's and 70's and ordinary folk could not afford one. Presumably that's why most of them went to the states as they had the money and here in the UK we were still pretty poor.

    Relative to today's earnings and house prices, our vans are now cheap and going up in value sharply. 'Better than money in the bank' I heard said a few times at a recent classic car show.

    Same goes with my mgb, a 1966 car which cost about £900 new, not affordable in those days. A new house could be bought in 1966 in Kent for about £3000.

    Needless to say I never let the mgb out of my sight even at shows as like our vans, people steal them.

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