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  1. le bump.
    Kinda need to get it ordered asap...
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    i'm not sure on the numbers but the ones on jk etc can be found cheaper on e-bay, i bought my fronts from jk and then got told this after....i bought the rears off e-bay, if you search seatbelts there will possibly be the part number you need to order on there.
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  5. Yeah, sure I read somewhere on here that these are the same as the ones on VW Heritage but cheaper...
  6. Okay thanks, just ordered a pair :)
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  8. Yea they are great, just had to reuse my L bracket :)
  9. foe


  10. i just used the ones already in my van...
    Im not to sure sorry :(
  11. The ones i ordered came with new L shaped brackets
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