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  1. Hi can anyone help with a good company regarding seat belts I have a 1972 crossdresser I have replaced the front ones a few years back and they have always been tight and not enough length even worse now with my lockdown belly.
    Also we have a grandchild on the way and need to get at least one fitted in the rear
    Cheers Jimbo
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  2. I can’t help with seat belts, but if you need help with punctuation I’m your man. :D
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  3. Can’t remember exactly but pretty sure we got ours from Just Kampers.
  4. Also, re the rear one, there is a fixing point but I remember it was a bit of a pain to fit the belt. If we had our time over again I’d be looking to get one of the extension brackets @davidoft makes.
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    Yep, a @davidoft bracket in the back, securon belts in the front. Job jobbed.
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  6. Anyone got a pic of those brackets please?
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  7. [​IMG]

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    You will probably need a Rivnut and setting tool to fit them.
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  10. These messages have been brought to you via the @davidoft Appreciation Society
  11. Have you read his book "Stuff an Old Pair of Tights in the Gearbox and Sell It On"? It's very good :thumbsup:
  12. What? Sawdust not good enough for him I suppose! :rolleyes: What denier by the way? Asking for a friend....,
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  13. @snotty is the resident expert or so I'm led to believe!!

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  14. Got Securon already they are really tight and too short
  15. Securon do belts in loads of lengths and configurations. Get a longer one, or you can get extenders to allow you to keep your existing belt setup.
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  16. And belly !
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  17. Keeping the lockdown belly definitely
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  18. Worth looking at Securon’s “Demis Roussos” range of seatbelts.
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  19. That’s a good attitude cos we might end up with an indefinite lockdown!
  20. I have a full width JK seat bed, in mine. I have the ‘roller’ part of the belt mounted in the top hole next to the window. But extended, the belt seems too short and cuts into shoulders. Perhaps they are mounted wrong. How do you mount yours, if not using those ‘special’ brackets?

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