Seat Belts - Non walk through models

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  1. So I’ve had a bit of a game fitting seat belts into the front of my 75 crewcab.

    It is RHD model with a single drivers seat and a double bench passenger seat.

    After a bit of research it seems that Securon are good quality and sold by a few suppliers.

    I was told (by my chosen supplier) the drivers seat belt is the same as for a walk through bus. I can assure you It’s not.

    The stalk for a walk through bus is 45cm long. This is way too long for a bay with a non walk through bulkhead. Securon sell another version of the same seat belt with a shorter 30cm stalk. This puts the female receiver in exactly the right place.

    I was also told you can fit a Securon inertia reel to the middle seat. Unless you can somehow fit the inertia reel (in view) on the seat base - this won’t do the job. I installed this with the inertia reel under the seat but it has to be fully retracted before the belt can be extended again. You can’t do this without tipping the seat. I found a fixed lap belt was the easiest way to go for this seat.

    The left bench passenger seat comes supplied with a belt type receiver (not on a stalk) and fitted perfectly.

    I also had a small issue with the triangular bracket that bolts to the ‘B’ pillars. Unless you use 2 of the spacers (only 1 supplied) the triangular bracket (that the belt runs through) fouls the bodywork and can’t rotate on its mounting.

    The longer bolt supplied and 2 spacers is the way to go here.

    My ex South Africa bus didn’t come with any seat belts and the mounting holes still had the plastic blanking plugs in place so I didn’t have anything to use as a reference.

    I hope this helps others to buy the right seat belt for their application.

    I’m very happy with mine. They now fit well, work correctly and look neat.

  2. Useful info thanks. I will save it for when we get to that stage with my daughters.

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