Screen Wraps / Buseyes / Windscreen blinds.

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  1. MadMatz Buseyes are good, we have had ours for seven years now.

    Its very good, weathered well, its got a bit grubby though but a rinse in the washer cleans it up!
  2. I have the thermal fuel lagoon internal ones and they are good. I didn’t want one to go on the outside tbh.

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  3. We have the one that came with our van when we bought it. It's a handmade one that pops on to poppers in the corner of the windows and is elasticated at the top and goes behind the rear view mirrors and sun visors. Does the trick!

    New curtains are our next job, and we will probably keep the same set up.
  4. Ive got one of the cheap ones, it is a bit tight to be honest and rides up slightly at the bottom, its not £110 too tight though :)
  5. That's kind of what I'm thinking.

    I spoke to someone the other day who had a fuel lagoon one on a t4 and said it let some light in round the edge so I'm dubious that spending lots is going to solve that.
  6. There it is, just :)

  7. Use to have the big foil type thermo mat s but Just bought a bullseye front and back cover and am impressed with the fit, material and build quality.
    For the side windows we made some that poppers on the inside out of blackout thermo material
  8. Do you wash yours do you? Didn't know it was possible

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  9. Got a Madmatz, without the eyes, but it's made from the same material, so far so good :thumbsup: I have front, rear and sliding door, the sliding door is an optional extra, phone them, it's not on the website.
  10. We have a Bluebird one that came with the bus when we bought it in 2014 - so don't know how much it cost - but it fits well enough.

  11. It got mouldy once after a wet night camping & we popped it on a 30' wash, cleaned it up okay.

    Don't know if they recommend it mind!
  12. I've been using some hg mould spray and it cleans up nice but it's a bit of agro

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  13. I may give that a try, see what happens.

    The trick is to make sure its dry properly before packing away.
  14. Yep, I put it away damp(yellow snowed wet through) after dubfreeze and forgot to dry it

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  15. I think mine was Techenders a few years back, packed away, got back out for Dubfreeze..mouldy!
  16. That’s why the inside fuel lagoon ones are good, as they don’t get wet and you can remove to have a peek out if you want to be a nosey neighbour haha. I don't have any real issues with light leakage, but if there is it’s minimal and we are in the back anyway. They have suckers to keep them on the glass. I like all the madmatz stuff though as 90% of my interior was from them.
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  17. I've had JK internal thermal ones, often woke up rather "exposed ", J K external thermal one, I'm not convinced that the person who designed it had ever seen a bay, it fitted where it touched and took forever to dry.
    I now have one that I acquired from @Barry Haynes .... its canvas with eyes on, fits like a glove, and dries quickly ... it can't have been that expensive, he's half Yorkshire after all !
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  18. The lundon half of me bought it at Arrods:thumbsup:
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  19. A roll of Woodchip wallpaper.
    Gives it a great ‘70’s’ look.

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