Scottish Performance Car Show

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    Postponed from last year, when my I submitted the Bug as a show car to surprise my son for his Birthday, he's a big a big fan of Cal Look, drag racing and the Bug.

    This is on the weekend after next, 22nd, and I'll be there without my son due to the travel restrictions, sadly he is unable to make it back to the UK this summer, and, as a result I would love to say hello to anyone who's up for a day out. You can buy tickets on the gate, I believe.

    It's an honour to have the Bug selected as one of the best cars in the Scottish performance car scene and I am hoping the weather is kind.

    Lots to see for everyone, but VWs will be in the minority.

    Personally I am looking forward to see the Fast Fords, American Alley and, the mad as a box of frogs, Hot Rods and Trucks.
  2. It'll be raining :rolleyes:
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  3. No, no....I am thinking good karma :hattip:
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  4. Forecast is 10% chance of rain tomorrow :fingers crossed:
  5. Hope you have a good’un
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  6. Cheers, Colin.

    I'll post photos :thumbsup:

    Early start as the show cars have to be there before doors open. Still it means getting a first look round before it gets busy.

    Hoping for lots of folk.
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  7. Hope you have a good day out. Look forward to the photos :)
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  8. Thanks John, an all marks show will be a new experience for both me and the Bug, well perhaps not the Bug he's "been around" more than I have, I suspect.

    One of my mates is using my son's ticket, be interesting to see what he likes best.
  9. IMG-20210628-WA0001~2.jpg

    I hope I have done the Bug justice :)
  10. At the show, rained earlier, but the sun has blessed us with an appearance :)

  11. Dubs

    Dubs Sponsor

    Bug looks ace mate. :thumbsup:
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  12. One for @CollyP :thumbsup:

    Got a 2ltr Zetec race engine in, apparently, shexy as .... IMG_20210822_131744.jpg
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  13. It’s one of those dodgy late ones, not a proper early!
    You wouldn’t get that sort of argument on here!!!!
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  14. Wel dodgy, I can confirm it had a heart transplant to a Zetec, actually very nicely done.
  15. He’s ripped the heart out of it etc etc etc
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  16. Red cars :) IMG_20210822_141539.jpg IMG_20210822_115024.jpg IMG_20210822_113121.jpg IMG_20210822_104556.jpg
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  17. Thanks. :hattip:

    Quite a few folk didn't know what the Bug was, other than obviously a Bug, but unaware of Cal Look and it's history, suppose they think it's "stock". I quite like that, makes a good talking point to meet people :)

    Edit: for example, I met a lovely couple, she had a Mustang and he a AMG Merc, they came to chat coz she'd had bought a pink Baja Bug :D
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  18. White cars :)

    IMG_20210822_161111.jpg IMG_20210822_133046.jpg IMG_20210822_112505.jpg IMG_20210822_112421.jpg IMG_20210822_132645.jpg IMG_20210822_141231.jpg
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  19. The Bug being a bit moody as the weather closed in a bit at the end of the show.

  20. Keep on trucking, well, I think that's what the man said:confused:.

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