Scottish independence.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. Do you mean that foregone conclusion, during which the losing supporters demonstrate their sense of irony by wearing ginger wigs and Tam O' Shanters, and pi**ing on cars post-match, that they can only dream of affording?
  2. ah hmm ...I should clarify that's from an ironic celtic perspective rather than a sassenach/EDL one.

    But I really canny wait for those reruns of 1966 tomorrow night!
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  3. we bailed them out after a failed attempt at getting to America... England paid the bills and they joined the union and they have never forgiven us for it...they don't pay prescriptions fee's England pay the bills...they don't pay university fee....England pays the bills....I don't know the whole list guess correct....England pay the bills....that brave heart movie has a lot to answer for in this debate too....we are too intertwined to give full independence so England would still be paying the bills imho . how ever I am in favour of them having their own governing body much like wales, as geographically and economically we are all different. I don't dislike the scotts but I don't know why they want to spoil the party, as they are better of as they are. i suspect they want their cake and eat it....and England pays the bills. i don't think it should happen and i don't think it fully will. too much history and too connected for us to part. we are all better off together weather we like it or not.
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  4. I'm disappointed there's no SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT option...
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  5. Scottish independence? Are you mad! They were bad enough on a leash, Imagine what they will be like if they go feral.
  6. ill miss Andy Young And Billy Connolly:(
  7. I don't know whether you saw a comedy programme last night called "the revolution will be televised"....but i caught the tail end of it.
    There was a guy pretending to be a reporter at an EDL march doing vox pops...
    A more unbelievably dim-witted, short-sighted, arrogant shower of bigots you'd struggle to find...I found myself laughing like a drain, but realised shortly afterwards, that feck-wits like this really do exist...and think the way they do...
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  8. and Frankie Boyle

    Most of the great modern engineers hail from Scotland....must be something they put in their porridge.

    Were such a historical hotch-potch I don't know why anyone in The UK bothers to claim allegience to a particular 'nation' tbh...
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  9. The Tories have announced a policy to reduce binge drinking in Britain by 90 percent.

    The policy's been dubbed "Scottish independence".
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  10. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    I like the Scots. They make us English seem cheerful!
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  11. Well, no...there's still the whole population of Birmingham...
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    Poptop2 Moderator

    Brummies luv a laff mate. god doo aint yeah?
  13. Shhh. We've got the oil already. The Jocks just haven't realised it yet...;)
  14. Moons

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    Define pay.
  15. Unfortunately this issue is going to be dominated by emotive statements concerning Scotland as an independent nation rather than the practical reality of what this will mean.

    For example:

    Scotland will need to establish its own armed forces, and although this has been mentioned by politicians, there appears to be little detail about this.

    As a separate country, Scotland will need to acquire its own credit rating. It is assumed in some quarters that they will inherit the same rating that the whole UK currently has, but the reality is that it will be a new country with no history of dealing with debt as a separate entity, and therefore will need to apply for its own rating. There may also be an effect upon the remainder of the UK's AAA rating too.

    If the cost of borrowing for this new country is higher, then this may have an effect upon the interest rates that the citizens themselves will have, for example on mortgages.

    There is an assumption that Scotland will automatically get entry to the EU, but I've not seen any declaration from the European Commission on this issue. Would they? Or would they be considered a new country who will need to put in a fresh application? Unfortunately it looks like the share of UK debt that Scotland will take on will be above the maximum allowed under EU rules for new states joining the EU.

    Politically, a UK without Scotland is also likely to become Conservative-dominated, and remain so for some considerable time.

    Ultimately it seems that Scottish independence is likely to cost Scotland and the rest of the UK, and I wonder whether people are considering whether that cost is worth it?
  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I always thought this was a bit I a non-subject but a lot of Scots seem worried it might actually happen.
    There's no way they'd be given automatic EU membership and they have no currency.
    Bye Scotland.
  17. Yeah, cos that's gonna stop! :p
  18. I have read an argument on an online blog that if Scotland is considered a new country, then so would the UK without Scotland, and therefore both would have to reapply. I'm not sure that argument holds water though.

    I do think that the effects of Scottish independence would be felt both sides of the border though, so we shouldn't necessarily be so blase about it south of Hadrian's Wall.
  19. we would need a new flag that would cost billions to design
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  20. Flakey

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    I was born in England, I've got a Scottish name, Irish McCarthy grandma and I used to have a caravan in Wales, I think I'm UKish.
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