Scottish independence.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. If Scotland gets independence I want independence for the People's Republic of Yorkshire
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  2. Yorkshire?
    That's part of Scotland isn't it?
    It's all the same oop Norf!
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  3. Prescot tried it years ago . It was just a way to get over payed sivel servants out of London and up north for a cheaper cost of living.
  4. No , you're thinking of Northumberland, thats proper north.
  5. Alex Salmond is a one trick pony IMO...similar to Ian Paisley and the Unionists....he whores his influence (ie the number of votes he can secure) to whichever party is willing to grant some trifling concessions to a more autonomous Scotland. We're joined, culturally, geographically and economically. Good Luck to them if they win the Independence vote....pity the poor sods who will see their council taxes rocket and watch their subsidised health, education and transport services fall into disrepair.
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  6. Northampton is North for me!
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  7. Only if Lancashire gets independence as well...
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  8. Lancashire is independent...:thumbsup:
    Shame Parliament doesn't recognize it....:rolleyes:
  9. No chance, it will be a vassal state of The People's Republic of Yorkshire
  10. Maybe if we payed for the wall they would take Lancashire of our hands.

    Maybe if we offered to pay for the wall , they will take Lancashire of our hands.

    Just a joke , dont go gettin all upset o_O
  11. ron


    apparently scotland is full of English people and only people living in scotland can vote however not scots who live in other parts of the uk
    also relying on oil and gas may be in some doubt as the Shetlands want independance from scotland
  12. You're welcome to it....and stop using our and your Ferret Leggin', Curd Tartin' Flat Cappin' Puddin' Eatin', Cricket Losin' mates can all bugger off
  13. I've just googled " Yorkshire Culture"....drew a blank:D
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  14. I had to Google M65, I hadn't previously heard of it
  15. best thing to come out of Leeds....(apart from The Kaiser Chiefs):D
  16. Its know as the road to nowhere.
  17. Look, we can bang on about how great Yorkshire is and how awful Lancashire is all night but it will get us nowhere. Let's just agree to agree
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  18. It would be nice if it were to be an IN - OUT vote rather than a HALF IN - OUT. The current situation is worse than either IN or OUT with the voting issues in the commons, which is a completely undemocratic solution.
  19. ....or form an ungodly alliance against anyone south of Wolverhampton?
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