Scottish Cal Look Coffee Morning

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  1. Bring yer knitting, or yer 48 IDA's if your man, or lady, enough :thumbsup:
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  2. Isnt Cal Look in Scotland all kilts and bagpipes ?
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  3. Harsh! If we're having knobbly knee contest tho, I might win :D
  4. Zed

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    Yeah, what exactly is the "Caledonian look"?
  5. Screenshot_20210618-114148~2.png
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  7. I wish I hadnt started this one. Some Cal Look beetles.
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  8. I prefer these ones :D
  9. I’m not added about the bugs but I’ll take the shortbread
  10. It's funny, as one of my mates says...

    "Either you're a camper* or a racer!"

    *Nothing rude implied by the use of the word camper, I really do mean someone who is into going camping in their Bus.
  11. Some very nice cars there today and a great turnout :)

    IMG_20210627_102301~2.jpg IMG_20210627_111528~2.jpg IMG_20210627_113217~2.jpg IMG_20210627_113219~2.jpg IMG_20210627_142741~2.jpg
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  12. Including the car that started it all.


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  13. IMG_20210627_142751.jpg IMG_20210627_132915.jpg IMG_20210627_120612.jpg IMG_20210627_120628_1.jpg IMG_20210627_120630.jpg IMG_20210627_111228.jpg IMG_20210627_120426.jpg
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  14. IMG_20210627_113219.jpg IMG_20210627_110444.jpg IMG_20210627_102258.jpg IMG_20210627_102532.jpg IMG_20210627_103512.jpg
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  16. IMG_20210627_102306.jpg IMG_20210627_110451.jpg IMG_20210627_111510.jpg IMG_20210627_133542.jpg
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  17. Yes, thanks, a crackin' day out with lots to look at, I am kicking myself that I didn't take more photos.

    A little bitter sweet as one of the fellas, the B reg car, passed away this time last year and what with everything happening, I hadn't seen the news. They brought his car down as a tribute and everyone dug deep for his chosen charity :)
  18. Got me the obligatory T shirt, also for the chosen charity :)

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  19. Sunshine, Beetles and other aircooled, and mountains. Excellent.
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