Scooby powered T25 build

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  1. nice one fella, I like reading projects like this, something different!

    Good luck with it :thumbsup:
  2. And its in




    - - - Updated - - -

    Loom all taped up ready for fitting
    So the engines all plumbed up and everything connected up to the gear box

    Jobs still to do
    Fitting the looms
    Throttle cable
    Fill the cooling system
    Put some oil in the gear box
    then its just a case of adding fuel and it should bust into life
  3. Got the main loom and starter motor fitted
    Then i had to see if it turns over, which it does:burp:

    Next up, get the rest of the wiring in, fuel pump and VSS, then see if it will run
  4. wow getting close now, bet you cant wait till it drives outa that garage
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  6. Hopefully it won't be long
  7. great stuff! really interesting:)
  8. Watching that video put a smile on my face :D Good work :thumbsup:
  9. It was great hearing it fire up, with it been sat on an engine stand for 18 months just added to the suspence
  10. Got on with filling the cooling system today, all was going great, nearly had all the air out the system then the heater matrix started leaking
    Looks like a dash out job, should be fun:(
  11. Well been hard at it on the T3 over the weekend and i'm 95% finished on the mechanical side of things

    Refitted the new heater matrix and dash, then spend about 2 hours fully bleeding up the cooling system fixing little leaks here and there
    Fitted the accelerator cable and tidied up all the loom and cooling pipes underneath
    Modified the induction pipe and sorted the breather pipes out

    So now only got a little list to finish off
    Both the clutch and brakes could do with bleeding again
    Fit the exhaust which I'm having made
    Do a could of little welding jobs

    Then it should be MOT time
  12. Well the T3 is all ready for MOT time

    I had the weekend all planned out, Saturday would see all the welding down and my well nice hand made stainless exhaust fitted
    I completed the welding but the exhaust didn't fit as it hits the engine bar so i had to try and make something up, a quick trip to kwikfit and a rummage in their scrap exhaust bin saw me come away with a back box and a middle pipe with a lambda sensor boss in

    After a quick offer up, it was all cut and welded and this is the end result and attached to the original scooby front pipes

    Not the prettiest thing but it does the job, until i get the stainless system sorted out
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  13. I also got the middle row of caravelle seats fitted in the back, plus sorted a few other little jobs out

    So some pics of the install

    Engine all wired up, plumbed in and running

    K&N Air filter fitted just behind the NS rear light, this was fitted to the scooby donor and moded to suit
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  14. Header tank and pipe work

    Immobiliser and ignition lights from the scooby loom fitted on the dash

    Engine support bar

    Need to get some pics of other bits done etc but it was getting to dark tonight
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  15. I did have a little cheeky drive around the block tonight, it drives spot on and when you put your foot down it don't half shift
    it certainly put a smile on me face
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  16. Booked in at Garage for an MOT 1030 Saturday
  17. Fingers crossed. :thumbsup: Good luck. :)
  18. The T3 is now all legal and on the road
    Passed the MOT with just advisories, play in the top steering column bush, and some corrosion on the drivers rear arch
    Was going to wait till next Saturday to do the tax, but could wait till then so taxed it online when i got home:burp:
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  19. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    nice one stu.

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