scary riots!

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    ok, so lets bring this thread back here minus the swearing though please!

    mad how much it has spread now
    lets use this as a info thread for those of you affected to tell us your ok!
  2. Last I heard it was all a big mistake and was simply an overflow from the Jeremy Kyle auditions. Looting in Matalan - now theres a bunch of aspiring chavlets!!
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    TLB goes down and the riots spread - coincidence?

    The riots have reached Cambridge. Someone dropped a bag of cous-cous all over the floor in Waitrose and didn't report it.
  4. I heard the fires in Birmingham caused £million pounds worth of improvments??
  5. all came a little too close for comfort in nottingham, so i'm in yorkshire :(
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    The riots annoy me so much, I can't watch or read about them.
  7. I watched my old flat burn down in Tottenham, I'm glad I saw the light years ago and moved away.
  9. tis scary.. luckily it missed us in tottenham
  10. I bet the negatve impact and especially the loss of revenue with the olympics is going to cost US hundreds of millions of ££££££££ scary really with the economy in such a fragile state
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    Hay Dicky don't you diss those Jeremy Kyle starlets of tomorrow for 15 mins. I'm enjoying some serious scum on the show this morning :)

    - Sent from my iLife 4 suite of applications.
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    I tried to walk from one pub to another last night but came across a group of about 30 - 40 youths in scream masks heading into town. We bravely turned round and headed back to where we'd come from. We then spent the next 45 minutes walking old folk back to their cars as they were to scared to go on their own. 2 hours later the scum were outside the pub loading their ill gotten gains into the boot of a car that had no number plates on!
    I called the old bill and was told "call us back if things escalate"!!?? WTF???
  14. Nice one for helping out the oldies. We live in Streatham, which did see some looting (JD sports and mobile phone shops) but nowhere near as bad as other places. We live between Croydon and Clapham, so the main thing for us was the smoke from the fires, and noise from non-stop sirens and police helicopters. Stayed up late on Monday following the news on tv and online, simply shocked at everything that was happening.
  15. I need some petrol for my bay, but local petrol stations wont sell to anyone with a jerry can, I completly understand and dont mind at all, would be a bugger if you ran out though!
  16. there all ********* **** ******** ****** * * ** * *** ** * ** ******** ** !!!!!!!!!!
  17. we have it here all the time 40 years of it , no one in gb gave a toss. now its in there back yard everyones up in arms , if a thirds of what happened over in london had of happened here they would have been shooting at us from the first 5 mins , every time i see it on tv i keep hearing the words from the song fire starter lol owen nw
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