Scarborough vw/ surf festival

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by dan H, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Anyone going? Seen the link on face ache.

    2nd - 4th October

    Think we're going for the weekend, staying at arosa.

    But best off all it's free parking on the sea front :)
  2. Went in 2013.....which appears to be the most up to date comments on FB site.
    can't find anything else.............what did you put in search ?.......I'm interested !
  3. try searching for fairbank and craven, I think they organise it, they are v dubs guys in scarborough
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  5. Fair bank and craven have it on there facache site.

    Should be ok if there's surf and sun, well any things good if there's surf and sun :)
  6. Cheers will have a look.
  7. Yusssssssssss!
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  8. could be up for this before my bus goes in for a makeover :)
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  9. Good lad, are you staying over, or just up for the day tom?
  10. Staying over mate not booked in yet though hope there is room!
  11. Ah good stuff, we haven't yet, let us know when you do, don't think it will be a problem mind.
  12. Just done it easy to do online and only 20 squid for 2 nights!
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  13. Not yet bud, seeing what the weather is like before we decide on 1 night or 2. Should be good either way, looking forward to it, can't see what the surfs going to be like hey thou :)
  14. Looks like theres a outside cinema close to Arosa, would look pretty cool with a load of vws lined up.
  15. Hi all, I am going on and will be camping on the saturday at arosa, There's always plenty of room in top field so im just gonna turn up.
    Theres a little club house on the site which can be described as "interesting" ..! lots of locals and trailer park owners use it on a Sat night for Karaoke..!!
    My inlaws are from Scarborough so I know the area well, I think the cinema you are talking about is actually the open air theatre which is actually not a theatre at all but an open air concert venue so not a drive in thing Im afraid. I did see Tom Jones there in the summer though and the old guy was pretty good ..
  16. Ah right didn't no it was a open air theatre, fairbank have said there showing Avalanche the film or something. Should be a good weekend anyway, see you on Saturday
  17. hey you may be right then as I cant see the open air theatre showing it for the pro surf event, be cool if it is a drive in style ... C u all saturday
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  18. I regret that I can only get for Sunday. ..last time I blagged a pass from a guy on the seafront.
    Who should I speak to to obtain one officially ?
  19. Lee from fairbank and craven is the main man as such and usually has the passes to put in the bus window. Just ask on the seafront and someone will point you to him.
    ill be there on the sunday so dont forget to say hi !!

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