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  1. 2 very big boxes of track some new some old 70s or 80s i think power paks and bits and bobs only 3 cars 2x bettle 1x cadillac collection only due to weight offers , pm if interested thanxs brett
  2. dog


    can you pop up a price and location please buddy
  3. Just got all the stuff down from the loft I have the following:

    1/4 sections = 11
    90 bends = 18
    bends = 75
    1/2 straights = 25
    full straights = 59
    swept wall bends = 3
    cross overs = 2
    in line track racers = 2
    straights with rocks = 2
    base plates = 2
    inline straights = 2
    1 old school lap counter
    2 beetles and 1 cadilac
    4 power packs
    4 contollers
    plus numerous barriers and track bridge building, please see below photos.

    Due to amount of stuff pick or meet up only I am in the Bristol area £150 ono.

  4. No one fancy raceing ? go on track yr self up with this :)
  5. well blow me down with a feather , i was down nr bristol today well across the bristol channel, may of been intrested if i had seen this before the weekend,
    i always wanted one of them... :)
  6. Dubious is a scalextric fan i think, Maybe worth a PM brett?
  8. Open to offers now but still collection only please :)
  10. Still for sale if no takers soon it will be down the tip , so the tip rats may hav it all the >:D
  11. Hi all all this could be yrs for swaps all i want is stickers surf ones or vw stickers p.m me for details thaxs brett1 :) :)

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