Sango Sands, Durness

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  1. Went here last summer on my own in the car and tent. Lovely site right on the north coast of Scotland. Dramatic scenery on route. Amazing few days away.


    There's a bar on site and a little shop and petrol station round the corner.

    If you haven't been to the west coast or north of Scotland you are missing out. The best scenery in Britain.

    Also went here


    My first camper trip I hired a splitty for a week in Devon (I bought my bay 4 weeks later) and went to lands end so I thought I'd better go here whilst I was in the area.
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  2. Would love to get up there but a big challenge for us mileage wise!
  3. I'm planning a trip to Islay now I've read your trip.

    Last year I did 4 days 3 nights. Durham - Aviemore, Aviemore - Durness, durness - glencoe, glencoe - Durham. But in the daily doing 300 miles ish a day. Was a great trip, first time solo. Great doing what I wanted when, stopping where I liked and eating what and when I wanted.
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  4. Looks great - would take me a week to get there!
  5. We're North Notts so it's a long trek but so worth it if you can manage it
  6. Lovely! We're heading there next week :) :)
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