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Discussion in 'North Yorks' started by Lord Congi, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Good stuff Dave , nice pics ;)

  3. Fair??? :eek:
    What have I ever done to any of you to deserve that?
    I havent even met most of you.
    Until next weekend >:D
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  5. Great review and pics. Will def. try and go have a few nights there.
  8. Awesome Dave. Looks great. We are very jealous.

    And Carl actually made it all the way in his van. ;) well done guys.
  9. Yeah I agree camping so expensive these days but I cant see you gettting a cottage in Whitby for £100 per week for a short stay?
    The problem is with me is that its per pitch which includes 2 adults and 2 children and I only go on my own :(
    Carl made it Joycee72much to the delight of the caravan site at 4 am for his rendition of Led Zeppelins 'in my time of dying' :)
  10. I know it's an old thread, but these pictures are great. I love Whitby, and we stayed at that campsite for a weekend last year. Couldn't put the awning up as it was blowing a gale! It was late in the year (for us) and I don't think I could have stayed longer than a weekend, but when the weather's good, I bet it's ace!

    Whitby's been in the news this week - unfortunately round the church on the cliff, there's been a bit of a landslide :( And there were houses cracking a few weeks ago that had to be demolished. I hope it stops at that, otherwise that whole hill is going to gradually come down. Very sad.
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