Safari Gypsy (well its still a late bay)

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Jaimie, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Hi ya'll,

    I thought i would show my new ride off in there as it is still, well sort of a late bay! its a 1979 Gypsy Safari Karmann Ghia !

    Brazilian coach built beauties (in my eyes anyway) they started production with number 100 up to 550 as you can see mine is badged as number 196 so 96 of the line, theses early ones came with a type 3 1600 motor until 82 when they changed them to a type 1 motor! they are funny mix with splitty steering column and type 3 brakes, have a contact with one in Brazil who informs me there are only around 120 units left (Known) but would love to know if anyone else has one! i know there are a few of the Gypsy touring module in uk (without the bed over the cab)

    anyway see what you think!

    Also have a look at the OG brochure i have with it! awesome

    cheers jai.

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  2. Ver nice. I will attract @Geordie he has done a full resto gypsy :thumbsup:
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  3. Very nice looking , do you use it for camping?
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  4. Thanks mate! what a bay Gypsy? not T25 ?
  5. Only had it a week first time music festival this weekend mate! so should be awesome
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  6. Ah no sorry a T25 EEE25C33-DD11-423B-B811-36DFA058F018.jpeg
  7. Very cool
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  8. Cheers man
  9. coolio :D
  10. JamesLey

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    Love it! A mate of mine has a Jurgens. Think I'm growing a bit of a soft spot for the coachbuilt vans.
  11. Cheers pal
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  12. same mate, i think they are the way forward, if they were not so rare! Ha ha ha
  13. Yea...
    be warned, don't try lighting your farts as he did..:D
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  14. love that

    reminds me of the coolflo cooler
  15. Very cool in a strange way. I think I like it. :beer:
  16. Yeah man very similar!
  17. Ha ha ha
  18. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    I like that, although if I should show it to Ms.T I know I'll be told I don't.
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  19. I thought my other half would hate it but was wrong! I actually love it man
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