Sach/Boge shocks. VW Heritage.

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    Sach/Boge shockes. VW Heritage.
  2. I concur,
    I always use these shocks as I am not into any lowering nonsense. The front suspension travel on bays is a big part of the comfort and fun of driving them. I would hate to swap in some of those teeth cracking gas shocks that everybody fits so they can go round corners quicker (or without getting scared)
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  3. Thanks, have noted and will concur. good to know
  4. I just put gas shocks on mine and it handles like a dream.The old shockes were well over 20 or so years old and a bit tired.These new gas shocks are like a breath of fresh air.
  5. gsf do these cheaper than heritage , no surprise there
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  6. ^^^^^we have them too:thumbsup:
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    my rear shocks have coils round them, if it gets to the point I replace the shocks do the coils stay and you just fit new shocks inside them - or is it a complete replacement unit?

  8. Have just checked this out and it is deffinetly not the case:
    £27.12 from GSF
    £24.52 from Heritage
    £30.90 from GSF
    £30.10 from Heritage

    If you guys do spot something cheaper elsewhere please do let me know and we will do our best to price match it (It does have to be a product of equal quality though)



  9. I recently saw an immaculately restored 21 Window Samba on ebay for £5,000.
    Please sell me one for less. ;)
  10. I bought mine as a bundle from machine 7
    I couldent find them any cheaper than there
  11. :lol: Sadly we dont stock those so cant price match;)
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    What happened to my review?? Where did it go??
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    Some one has slipped back in time and messed with your timeline, they have probably killed one of your ancestors, therefore erasing you from history. You don't really exist now and are slowly being deleted post by post. Goodbye:(
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