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    Took the Jurgens out for a run this weekend to fault find after fitting engine.We only went around 50 mins to the above camping park.A little big for us but the amenities are excellent.As is the village,about a 10 min stroll from the campsite.2 pubs serving decent food.An indian restaurant,unfortunately we didn't get to sample their menu.

    10 mins from parts of Rutland water and some great dog walks.
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    Great place to take a bikes, we use to pop down ever Friday do a circuit then home and pub.
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    I can't see a mention of Rutland without thinking of this


  4. We saw you driving through Cottesmore on Saturday around lunchtime (unless, coincidently, there was another Jurgens in the area that day!)

    Not sure if you saw us but my wife and I were sat outside the front of the Sun Inn enjoying the sunshine and a nice cold 1664!

    We haven't stayed at the Rutland site as it's only 4 miles down the road from us but only hear only good things about it and the Wheatsheaf pub in the village (Greetham) does excellent food and can also recommend the Indian too!

    Mr B
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  5. Yes that was us.On the way to Oakham,Fineshade,great walk and fab ice-cream, and then Uppingham,a pint in the square soaking up the sun.Stopped for a pint at the Sun Inn on the way home then chips from down the road.

    Didn't see yourselves :( Probably stay there again in the next few months as we have a couple of friends that use the site regularly.Give the Indian a whirl then :thumbsup:
  6. Non members have to pay extra, everything is charged extra. Didn't like staying here and not having a caravan I felt very unwelcome. Not going here again tuesday_wildchild
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    Lyndon Top site at £7 per unit takes some beating!
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