Rusty Lee RnR bed

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  1. Just about to pull the trigger on a 3/4 Rusty Lee bed and have a question ...

    Anyone with this bed ? If so did you have loose cushions made or did you have the covers attached to the ply boards ?

    If you had them attached a pic or two would be great


  2. I`ve just bought one - a breeze to fit , but that`s all so far as the van is on stands at the moment . :rolleyes:
    The boards will be used and they`re a very good fit .
    Any questions just give Rusty a call , very approachable and helpful - his number is on the website :thumbsup:
    I needed a non-standard width which was an extra 20 quid but seems good value for money .

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  3. Excellent - thanks for that .. I'll give him a call tomorrow and get one ordered ... I want the frame a different colour anyway :)
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  4. We removed the ply & covered them with material, our cushions were then covered & plonked on top! They moved a little when the kids wriggled about but otherwise had no issues.

    Edit: Photo added...


    It was all a little bit DIY using recycled cushions from a caravan but it worked...
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  5. Brilliant - many thanks
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  6. Rusty Lees is the only good bed. The other design floating around is crap.

    Rusty Lees all the way. When I brought my van from previous owner the cushions were loose. They slid over and held with velcro
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