Rust and primer

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  1. Doing few bodywork tidying up at weekend, primed and even t cut it but needs doing again, recommendations for primer that wont rust.
    Anyone used hammerite primer ?

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  2. If Hammerite primer is like the paint, you'll never be able to paint over it without it reacting.
  3. ^Whs^ unless you're after a crackle glaze look...

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  4. I believe @paradox uses it, but it may be with tractor enamel:)
  5. Epoxy mastic
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  6. @crossy2112 Epoxy mastic is that Yorkshire for poxy mastic?:p
  7. Second that. It's non-porous so you can leave it as is without needing to cover it with top coat.
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  8. Dont use normal hannerite for that reason.

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  9. Nar then lad
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  10. You can use epoxy but you must re prime it before painting your top coat I believe.
    Etch primer is also good for rust proofing
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  11. Lechler do a two part epoxy primer.. Not the green one isocyanate free and non porous when gone off

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  12. How about Galvafroid for the underside, or will you never get a top coat to stick to it.
  13. Bonda.
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  14. Basically sorting few spots out, van is getting front arches done later in year so having to have a patchwork van for a while

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  15. Surely will rust may just lacquer over it. Cheers

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  16. As Matty said, Bonda primer, brush on straight from the tin, quick drying, normally a couple of coats is enough.
    Recommended by Mr Haynes Restoration Manual man. :thumbsup:
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  17. What is "Rustbullet" good for?
    Have some but suspect it's a bit of a bugger to paint over without lots of prep .....
  18. I etched the underside of my bug years ago and never got round to using a proper paint it's been good till now. I brought the stuff when paint was paint so it was full of nastiness.
    I did do about 30 coats thou
  19. Bonda primer all the way
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  20. Agreed, but I think they’ve gone out of business or been taken over. You can’t find their products anymore so I’ve been stock-piling. I’d be very happy to be proven wrong...

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