Runswick Bay Campsite.

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  1. Great location.
    Runswick Bay

    Walked to them all.Quite a few pubs to choose from.The Royal in Runswick bay was probably the best.

    When it's busy Mrs K complained the loo's etc were too few for the size of campsite.

    Saw a few T25 n T4's.Would go again for location.

    Here are some photies.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    Thanks for the recommendations.
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  2. Dazza

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    Just got back from a week here, spot on , the campsite has rules like any others but seems very relaxed , pitches were large enough for us to get the van, awning and events shelter on , they even let my nephew pitch his tent on there for a couple of nights for a few quid extra .

    Not overcrowded , very friendly campsite , not flush with facilities , no shop on site and the loos / showers only adequate but cleaned regularly .
    Loads to see and do nearby including the lovely Runswick Bay beach - although be prepared for the VERY steep descent / ascent down to it.

    Local half hourly bus service goes past the campsite and you can buy a famil day pass - unlimited stops , 2 adults and 3 kids for £15 which goes to Whitby , Robin hoods Bay, Staithes etc etc

    Worth considering if up that way
  3. Try getting out of Runswick in the bay. Took 2 goes.:eek:
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  4. Dazza

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    I wouldn’t even contemplate it :thumbsup:
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    We've been a few times now, love it up there :D
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  6. First did it in a 850 mini that let more day light in thru footwells than not. That took 3 goes.
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