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  1. I always hesitate to leave a bad review but I am left with no choice for this one. For the record I have fitted quite a few carpet and interiors on classic cars including making my own from scratch. Bought a full carpet set for a 68 beetle, boot carpet and tunel are fine, the rest are not even close. Contacted about the door sill carpets as the edge for the a and b pillars are over 15cm out and after sending pictures they agreed they were wrong and agreed to send me a new set within 2 days but then didn’t. When I contacted them to advise the firewall and floor carpets were unusable as they were nowhere near in terms of size and angles, they advised to cut them and they would re edge and send replacements. That hasn’t happened and they have now stopped answering their phone. I was advised these carpets are cut for a “generic” beetle and no 2 are the same but if these were to fit, my beetle would have to be nearly 2 foot wider and longer than it is! I wouldn’t mind trimming cheap carpet but these are edged to fit.

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  2. It would be worse if your beetle would have to be nearly 2 foot narrower and shorter than it is! Did you get carpets for a new beetle?
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  3. I wish! I might as well have bought one for a transit van- the fit would have been closer! Here’s their version under one that actually fits.

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  4. I see your point, it’s not even close if you shut one eye and squint a bit. I’d send it back, it certainly isn’t fit for purpose.
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  5. Has your car been in an accident :D:D:D:D:eek:
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  6. You’d think being called rugs for bugs they would be pretty good ….. I just imported a set of coco mats for the fourteen and literally the fit is millimetre perfect

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