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    At Vanjamboree the other weekend we were found by the motley crew browsing the Rugs for bugs stall. :)

    Ive had to turn my attention from shiny engine things to the interior and Shell had me carpet hunting.

    Anyway bought a full cab set from him. this includes walkthough (and walkthrough sides) cab mat, tub covers and kick panels.

    He didnt have what Shell wanted so without any payment! :eek: Made them up sent them to us!! :) :) . After 2 days I had to ring him to ask if he wanted payment! :)

    A proper nice bloke who makes great carpets for the cab area well recommended :)
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  2. Can't wait to see them, they look good online. We could do with some nice rugs. :)

  3. Ignor the seats!! ;) ;) All will be revealed later after trimming!! :) :) Top rugs though! he started doing baja buggies and has expanded into beetles and busses!!
  4. Just had a set delivered to me this very day!!Well chuffed!Can't wait to get them fitted.Did you glue them under the seats? :)
  5. We have used rugs for bug too, fantastic bloke, really helpful and the mats are great :)
  6. As above, Top bloke :)

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