Rowter Farm, Peak District (top of winnats pass)

Discussion in 'Derbyshire' started by Merlin Cat, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Merlin Cat

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    just spent 3 nights here and very nice it was too :). I had never spotted it before as I always turn right at the top of Winnats to head towards Manchester. The gate for this is about 30 yes up if you turn left!

    There are two big fields on a cattle and sheep far. The owner said her granny started the camping 60 yrs ago. You are allowed fires, if raised off the floor. They have a limited amount of fire pits for hire, £5 a night. The farm sells eggs, if they've been laid, some wood, small camping gas canisters, chocolate and cans of pop etc.

    There are two ladies and two gents loos and 1 ladies, 1 gents shower. Also washing up room and hand basins room. The farmer and family were regularly topping up loo paper etc. The showers are coin operated, 1 old pound coin. Apparently you don't get long but as I'm a scrubber I didn't shower anyway :).

    We walked up Mam Tor, that you can see from the camp site, and my friends walked down into Castletown.

    All in all it was a lovely place. The owners very friendly and helpful. A mixed clientele with quite a lot of family groups.

    The only possible downside, if I was more cleanly, would be not many showers if the camp site full. :)
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  2. Great location, we found it by accident about 20 years ago when no one else would accept our 'mixed group.

    Camping up there can be extreme!
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  3. Merlin Cat

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    I did wonder when my friends said where it was! We took a windbreak :). The weather was great tho :)
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    I've mountainbiked past it many times but never camped there!
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    I recommend it. I'm not much of a walker but there are many footpaths nearby. Reckon good mountain biking too. It's a nice pretty basic site. The trees and walls offer some protection, not sure I'd want to be there mid winter tho!
  6. sounds great, thanks for the info Alex :thumbsup:
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    It's only half an hour from home, often drive over to that area then ride even on a Thursday evening :thumbsup:
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