WANTED Rough and ready summer van

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  1. Bit of a long shot here.
    A friend is looking for a rough and ready van the summer.
    Needs a mot and slightly reliable to use this summer.
    His plan is use over the summer, then start a full resto around October.

    He doesn't want a panel van.
    He also said to have some interior would be a bonus as he wants to restore it quite original.
    Maybe a uk van?

    The hard bit.
    He only wants to spend about 6-8k
  2. 8k he can have mine. Its rough an ready and reliable but is a panel van convert
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  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc.
  4. You laughing at my van?
  5. [​IMG]
    9k ready to go.
  6. lychee off, mines rougher :p
  7. redoxide

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    he can buy my spare van for less, have absolutely minimal welding to do, fit the engine, tidy it up and have a very good van for his 6/8k and still get on his holidays in the summer if he works smart :) and an easy easy ( yep I meant to type that twice) resto when he comes to do it ...


    comes with loads of new stuff and a good engine core with all the ancilliaries needed to put it together, new door cards, cab carpets, tyres, clutch, brakes calipers, drums, shoes , pads, shox, cables, seats, rebuilt drive shafts, glass seals etc etc not any camper interior but it does have a 3/4 rr bed, and is genuinely a good survivor UK registered RHD van with current V5 99% all original solid factory body panels ( rear lower corners have been replaced for pinholes and battery tray replacement, as have the inner doorsteps ) not a rust bucket... £5000 firm
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  8. Have a look at mine - it's in the classifieds.....
  9. :D
  10. Wanna throw up some photos?
    Don't hurt your self.

    Thanks for the reply, I have spoken to him.
    He said he wants a running van for the summer...tuesday_wildchild
    He has a unit he is going to rent but it's currently rented by someone else.
    So has to wait till October till the rents up.
    Crazy I know, yours sounds the perfect van.
    If he doesn't end up getting one, he will send you a message :)
  11. What about a 72 westy Poptop USA import
    Has about 9 months mot
    It had balljoints, track rod ends etc, single Webber conversion etc about 6 months ago
    It's a mates, but I think he will take £7500, maybe a tickle less
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  13. Forgot, have look at Freya the Viking resto thread to see what's been done. It's in daily use.
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    After all the love I lavished upon her :eek:
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  15. I only replied semi seriously, but if someone gives me 8k for it then bye bye. Its only a car!
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    I suggested selling mine the other day, Ethan said yeah what evs, Tilly said Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I saw a t25 tother day, diesel, heating double glazed :) and about half the bay money , tempting
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  17. are you still looking...I have a 78 Viking which would be perfect and in budget....tatty round the edges, but very reliable and pretty sound all in all a perfect roling resto....

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  18. If he's still looking he can have mine for 4k - more rough than ready and in the project category but has most bits required to finish it.
    Will need paint and interior though.
  19. Sorry to jump on the thread, too new to the forum to create my own, but am interested in buying a moonraker or viking so any info etc please pm me... Thanks and sorry for the hijack :)

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