WANTED Roof vents for a devon

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by flashar, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    I'm looking to replace the two roof vents on my bus as they have been smashed:oops:

    I have found these which i think may fit however just thought i'd put it out there to see if anyone has any lying about they want to sell on:) For a 77 bay with the two round vents on top...

  2. You could just seal the holes up ? screw some aluminium sheet with a mastic underneath them?
  3. Thanks mate..always an option.:thumbsup:
  4. don't JK sell them?
  5. Have been on to have look however ended up buying a cab bunk which was half price.£25 Bargain
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  6. Flakey

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    eBay , mushroom roof vents, loads to choose from, about £5 upwards.
  7. roof vents.jpg Went down to see my bus in the paint shop and decided to remove the roof vent covers and these are the damaged goods..... wondered if anyone knows if i can just buy these covers as the vent part is fine, everything works, just these covers that are smashed. Anybody got any ideas please? :)
  8. Don't take this as gospel, but try googling Dometic GY20.

    Mine are a bit trashed and this is on my snagging list. They look right but I have not measured up, so am not 100% sure. A lot of others seem to need holes in fibreglass opened up and assorted faffing.
  9. Well they look spot on.. i'll measure up and then go for it... only need the cover so can keep the rest as spares. Thanks again mate

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