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  1. Hi guys
    Can someone tell me what measurements a 3/4 rock & roll bed is please.
    I've bought a bed from JK but apparently I have to cut the tubing down to size as it comes as a full R&R bed?[​IMG]

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  2. It fits between a cupboard and the side of the bus. Unless you know how big the cupboard is then you cannot possibly guess the width you need to trim the bed down to.
    Measure the bed width. Measure the width inside the bus. Take the difference. This is the clearance the bed will need to fit when there is a cupboard.
    Put it away back in the box. Build and install the cupboard and flooring and any panelling / padding the other side..
    Measure the width left and subtract the clearance. Measure it again.
    Now cut down the bed frame...
  3. Yeah if only mate I know this is the backwards way to do it but when theres a woman involved......
    The wife wants the bed installed for a gig were going to in Leicester in three weeks but I haven't time to do the cupboards

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  5. Can’t you just fit it as full size and cut it down later when the cupboard’s in?
  6. I bought this kit and the quality is shocking (poor welds, paint missing, bolts missing etc.). Unfortunately, I bought it 6 months before I needed it so couldn't return it. I needed a full width and ended up welding it to make it solid, although as a 3/4, it shouldn't be as bad.

    If I were in your shoes, send it back and by a rusty lee.

    Sorry for the not so helpful reply

  7. Cracking stuff Mike.:hattip:
  8. You just need to work out how much cupboard you need then set the bed .
    I only needed the cupboard deep enough to hold the gas bottle so used that to
    set the width of the bed
    silent 006.JPG
    I think the bed ended up about 1200mm wide so a bit more room than a 3/4 and still a deep enough cupboard for
    the gas and water etc

    templates 002.JPG
    inside 008.JPG

    Just my choice but works well for me.
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  9. JamesLey

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    Yeah save yourself the hassle and get a rusty lee 3/4. It’s cheaper, better made by the sounds of it, and comes with bed boards and all fittings.

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  10. Some shameless advertising here... I have templates of a Rusty Lee 3/4 bed for the cushion covers I make & supply like this.....
    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    It measures exactly 1150mm wide :hattip:
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  11. That's just to easy she wants to order the cushions too

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  12. Spot on mate this is the info I need cheers

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  13. Where did you get that frame from as I’m looking for a good full width one and after the comment on the just Kampers
    Thanks John
  14. I had a Rusty Lee bed made to 1120 wide, not fitted it yet but it’s really well made and finished.
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  16. I second the other guys. I brought this one too as it was more expensive than Rusty's so assumed it would be better. However it is crap compared to Rusty Lees.

    Send it back.
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    Go for a Rusty Lee my friend, you won't be dissapointed :thumbsup:

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