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  1. About a metre or wire and half a dozen scotch locks (a hand full of other connectors wouldn't go a miss either). I keep four red glow sticks and about four white ones (no worries with batteries)
    just noticed the date on this thread but he ho lol
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  2. Link for the toolkit not working. Does anyone have a copy?
  3. Still not working, anyone got it saved?
  4. Bump
  5. and just in is the PDF

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  6. Never forget your AA recovery card :)
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  7. Never go anywhere without coat hanger wire:
    -Fishing for things in crevices
    -Feeding wires through grommets
    -Feeding HT leads to no1 spark
    -Temporary couplings
    -cleaning ears

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    I have 2 old fashioned leather school satchels one for spares and one for tools . they fit perfect behind the passenger and driver seat. The tool bag isnt fixed so it can be taken to the job the spares one is secured and was originally a place to hide semi valuable crap.. the semi valuable crap is now the spares

    points condenser cap rotor arm, leads plugs fuel pump, cable ties, tape cable connectors block connectors, rocker cover gaskets inlet manifold gaskets, split pins, fuses, bulbs, a random selection of screws , nuts bolts and washers and a spare window winder handle .. :)
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    tool wise, its emergency stuff so mine are cheap crap, Aldi socket set , aldi spanner set, aldi pliers set, aldi screwdriver set , they are all fitted in there plastic display packs and fit in the tool bag easy and tidy.. also have some random crap, such as allen keys for the drive shaft fittings and front hub nuts, a test light, a long bar with a 19mm socket for the wheel nuts, a quality adjustable,
  10. I used this as a guide for my list of tools.

    Set of metric angle head ratchet spanners
    - Set of metric standard and
    deepwall sockets with some extensions and a U-joint attachment
    - 3/8 handle ratchet
    - 1/2 drive breaker bar
    - set of appropriate metric allen keys (2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8)
    -1/2 drive torque wrench
    - phillips and flat screw drivers
    - hammer
    - Needle hose pliers
    - regular pliers
    - Adjustable
    - WD 40
    - Tub of grease
    - grease gun
    - duct tape
    - feeler gauges
    - volt meter
    - timing light
    - small trolley jack, and two jack stands
    - Bentley & Haynes manuals
    As far as spare parts:
    - Distributor
    - valve cover gaskets
    - misc metric nuts and bolts
    - fuel filter
    - clutch cable
    - accelerator cable
    - fuses of various sizes (camper and leisure ones)
    - Oil
  11. The only bit you’re likely to need is a fan belt. But it seems to be missing from your very comprehensive list of tools and parts.
  12. I forgot to say about that, but do carry one, and have had to use it.
  13. This roadside tool kit is getting close to my garage tool kit. Do you really need to carry a trolley jack, axle stands and a grease gun? Why not do the maintenance at home?

    I thought of the things that might go wrong that I could safely and relatively easily fix at the side of the road or in a campsite.
    Throttle cable.
    Clutch cable.
    Alternator belt.
    1lt 15w40 Oil.

    That’s all the parts I carry, and a few tools to be able to fit them. I’m unlikely to be changing wheel bearings, CV joints, suspension ball joints, crankshafts or clutches in a field (I’m keeping away from yellow snow- up enders) so there is no point in carrying a bus load of tools and spare parts.

    I don’t even have a spare wheel but I do have:
    A tyre repair kit, a sealant spray and a very small 12v compressor. I know that wouldn’t be any good if there was a tyre blow out but as the tyre would be wrecked anyway I’d just drive slowly to where I could buy a new tyre (it hasn’t happened in 50 years).

    In addition I also carry the legal stuff for the countries I visit:
    Reflective jackets for all passengers.
    Warning triangles
    Headlamp beam deflectors
    Breathalysers (2) it is still an offence in France if you don’t have them although you will not be prosecuted.
    Fire extinguisher

    And of course
    A full driving licence
    Insurance certificate
    Registration document (V5C)
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  14. I live in a flat, so it's my garage/camper tool kit which happens to live in the camper.
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  15. Golf tee for blocking fuel and vacuum hoses when fixing them, changing filters, tuning carb...

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