Riverside caravan and touring park Stratford upon Avon .

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    Riverside caravan and touring park Stratford upon Avon .

    The rebuild of my van had become a bit tedious Lou n me were desperate for a break , William our seven year old had earned the right to his chosen treat with great school work and had decided upon Warwick castle has his yearly treat .

    So with the cold weather we have had this year we ruled out sleeping in a tent , i trawled the net for a alternative but similar accomodation and stumbled on , more by chance than choice some lovely wooden snugs at Stratford , a handy 40 minute run from our home in worcestershire .

    i telephoned the site and asked about the snugs ," £40 a night high season , £34 a night low they sleep four , two in bunks and two on a bed settee , bring your own cooker and blankets we provide the rest " a friendly lady said , there was also free fishing on the Avon and regular river taxi to stratford run from the site for a small fee , Ace i paid for two nights by card .

    We got to the site at 2pm on monday , a bloke on a golf buggy showed us past the cafe ( 99p for breakfast ) and shop , around the neat touring field and on to the snug field , i noticed a shop and toilet blocks on the way around .

    The snug was well laid out , it had a electric point a fridge and electric lighting , all we needed really , no cooker but we had taken our own gas one as we were advised , it was small but ample , the fishing was 80 yards away and free , free fishing on the Avon blimey ,we had a bit of that .

    The site had two golf courses near by and both Lou n me noted how close they were .

    On Monday night we snubbed the river taxi and walked the 20 minute to Stratford , a lovely walk and we checked out the club on next doors campsite which was free to us , just in the course of research you understand , the early hours band and club would have suited dubbers , they were stuck in the 70s age wise and music choice , too noisy for me we downed our beers and carried on to Stratford , glad we could'nt hear them from our site .

    The RSC was the first thing we saw and headed for the lobby , a midsummer nights dream was sold out but we could stand and watch it for £3 , we gave it a miss and took in the touristy delights and prices of the bairds home town , blimey the price's have gone up a bit since old Will was a lad , fish n chips was the order of the night .

    Warwick castle on Tuesday was Brill , William had a go at everything and we spent the whole day there as it was only 15 minutes from the campsite and the on site entertainers made me laugh , i even got chatted up by the Earl of Warwicks mrs , take your own lunch the food was poor and expensive !.

    Tuesday evening we fished for skimmers , drank a bottle of two of wine with our temporary neighbours from the next snug and watched as the kids played and fished safely right before our eyes .

    The campsite had clean well cared for loos and showers , water points and a touring field , the snugs had their own little shower and toilet block we were comfortable with both ,the field lighting was good and walking at night felt safe .

    Wedsnesday morning i was up at 5.30 and over the river to dangle me maggot while Lou n Will slept soundly , by 10 oclock we were washed showered , packed and ready to go .

    A good site , clean friendly and welcoming to vw campers , i did see a Braziliant bay but no old codgers like ours , perhaps they have yet to colonise Warwickshire , no doubt they will be made welcome here when they do .

    We were sad to leave but relieved for the break which was sorely needed , a good relaxing site , we will return with the camper next year .

    Our snug -

    Our neighbours snugs

    A dredger cleans the river just 80 yards from our snug

    The site details can be found here , enjoy your stay
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    Great review PT2.
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    That looks like a loverly place mate, and pretty reasonable too by the sounds of it, nice one. :)
  4. Looks great, thanks for the review, one for the list!

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