RIP David Amess

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Merlin Cat, Oct 15, 2021.

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    I wouldn’t wish this on any MP. By all accounts a person who was there for his constituents.

    a horrendous day for his family and friends:(
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    Not good is it?
  3. One reason I will never buy in to that “They’re all the same, they’re all in it for themselves” stuff. Sure some of them are selfish egotists , but plenty of constituency MPs who ply their trade from the back benches mostly, are good people who serve their communities. It doesn’t take much digging to find out what your MP does, what his views are, and if they are a decent person or not. RIP David Amess, you did not deserve what happened to you :mad:
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  4. Spot on, Sir David Amess was a proper old school constituency MP who in nearly 40 years of public service was happy to serve his electorate from the back benches rather than seek higher office to line his own pockets/ego. I'm sure on most subjects I would have profoundly disagreed with his views but I have enormous respect for him and many other MPs of all persuasions who ply their trade under the radar to the benefit of the electorate they serve.
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  5. I recently picked up John Prescott and he spent an hour or so in my cab, we talked about everything from Jags to punching demonstrators he was nothing like I expected and I found myself agreeing with most things he had to say, there’s never a truer saying as you shouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush
  6. In a taxi? Were both of his Jags in the 'shop? :oops:
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  7. An absolute tragedy in so many senses and yet another apparent failure of the way we handle extremism in this country. Like so many before him, it’s reported this guy was known to the security services and had been put through the laughable prevent programme. When will they stop trying to monitor these types of people in the community amd just permanently lock them up for everyone’s protection. They are a cancer in our society and should be removed. I’ve read that police/MI5 are currently monitoring around 150 individuals. Stop monitoring them and lock them up. If they are dangerous enough that you have to follow them around then bang them up. Whatever happened to the first rule of government is to protect its citizens? How many more times has this got to happen?
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  8. @rustbucket I don’t disagree with you but….. what do you do? There must be thousands of people, extreme Islamists, extreme right wing, or any other extreme ideology, who join underground forums and spout hateful stuff without actually doing anything about it, they are just nut jobs hanging out with like minded nut jobs. How do you root out the ones who will go on to commit these acts? This isn’t new either. We’ve been here before in the 70s,80s. And at other times throughout history. Like I say, not disagreeing because I’d quite like to see these people locked up before they do something like this. Just wondering how it works in practice with the resources we have. This bloke ducked out of Prevent before completing it apparently. Is Prevent fit for purpose? I’ve no idea really :(
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  9. He certainly seems to have been a good bloke - anti fox hunting and other things you would expect of a Conservative MP - RIP
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  10. I look at it this way. If they have concerns over 150 people who they consider to be dangerous enough that they need 24 hour monitoring. Start by locking them up. Then move onto the next 150, if they seem dangerous enough then lock them up as well. I know you won’t ever get every nutter, but it seems absolutely bonkers to me to be wasting millions of ponds tracking these idiots, if they were rotting in a cell somewhere then that money could be spent trying to root out more of them. Look at the fiasco of the Finsbury Park Mosque. Open hate preaching and an obvious hot bed of recruitment. Yet nothing done for years. They could have just rounded them up years before, whole life tariff for terrorist offences. Job done.
  11. I agree with you but if , out of these thousands we have identified , some, however many, after in depth surveillance have been shown to be a threat then surely some action has to be taken? Not really sure what but certainly not release them in to what is probably an underfunded programme.
    This may seem radical but …. I was a lawyer for 25 years, I did not regularly do criminal cases but heard daily of repeat offenders turning up almost every other day. It was and is known that we don’t have the capacity to lock em up here. To many , being banged up was a badge of honour. In the 80’s and 90’s repeat offenders were courted by solicitor practices when legal aid was available. I have personally witnessed such firms brazenly taking in to cells, pizzas and trainers to ensure the accused and his family would use their firm. Also “ sweeteners” to police staff to give business cards out. It was really depressing. Since the slimming down of legal aid this may not be as prevalent.
    I always said ( but was shot down ! ) let’s outsource our prisons and some other institutions to say India, where they have the space, workforce etc and economy that would make such outsourcing viable. I stress that young first offenders and others should be given a second ,even a third chance, but repeat offenders …sorry send them away from their peer influencers. This may release time and funds to direct to those that deserve a second chance at rehab.I stress that these overseas institutions should be well run, at least as good as here… but away from here! Radical but I think we need to be, things are not working. If legislation along these lines was passed the we needn’t have to worry about extradition etc.Sorry rant over but we really need this issue tackling.:oops:.
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  12. I think number 1 would be to prohibit any body posting on social media anonymously. Ie each poster must be registered . Don’t know how or where but it seems pretty simple to me. Although I am pretty simple. It may help to claw back some of our basic values of decency and willingness to debate in an open way.
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