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  1. hi guys.
    I do a lot of overnight carp fishing. We tend to cook on small single burner camping stoves. There's a product that came out a couple of years ago that would be perfect for bay owners. It's been a run away success with anglers.

    It was originally conceived as a sandwich toaster. However a whole sub culture of what can be cooked in them has grown up. The beauty of the product is that it's a non stick cast double sided saucepan/griddle pan that locks closed. This means the heat transfers to both sides as you cook and you can flip it over half way through to get really even cooking on a very small burner.

    Bit difficult to explain but search for ridge monkey recipes on you tube and you'll get the idea.

    I use the std sized version for fishing but the xl sized would be great for a bus. Not an expensive product either.

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  2. Neat :)
  3. Thay look good idea might just get one for home[​IMG][​IMG]

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