Richbrook Dis-car-nect Immobiliser Battery Cut Off Switch

Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by pHiL, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Recently fitted on of these to my battery, and it works a treat.

    Really simple idea, but as often is the case, its great.

    I've got a replacement lock for my engine bay that takes a key, (unlike my current un-lockable one). So I think the two together should do the job great - the only way they will get the bus started is by breaking into the engine bay.

    The switch is very easy to fit, and really easy to use. Just un-screw and take off the knob and the battery is disconnected. It does come with a fuse link which allows a small current to alarms, clock, radios etc, but it won't take the current required for ignition. It also comes with four 16Amp fuses. The screw knob connects back up really easily too, so no long time spent in the engine bay when you want to set off.

    Also great for when the bus is laid up for weeks at a time and you want to disconnect the battery, simply unscrew the knob and open up the fuse link.

    Simple, but effective, 10/10!

  2. I got one, twice I have had to clean it as the van wouldn't start, so a bit of vase might help.:)
  3. Total diamond geezer accesory phil , and dat is da fact! apart from all else (reference my other now old posts) when my bus front /driving area suddenly filled wiv smoke as i drove along it took me like 1 nanosecond to realise a disconnect of batt. NOW , was required ! and so was quickly done (i never travel wiv hatch locked , thankfully) as i had recently fitted said part. so confined damage to burnt out h/lamp switch and mealted cables , if i had to source a spanner before getting batt. term off i reckon bus would have been a goner ! moral is > always check yer wiring when you buy an old vehicle and always fit a quick release anyhow ! and that is a good price you paid .

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