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  1. Hi

    Just purchased a Holdsworth bay and was wondering if anybody has any information about the interiors they produced, as this looks different in style to the 2 versions I can find images of on line, but the materials used look the same, plus it has Holdsworth options like the side step and the spare wheel holder on the nose.
    Also it is a converted panel van, which I believe most of his were.
    Any info would be greatly received, as I want to find out how original she is, as she is a very sound bus with plenty of history from the first owner, who owned her from new till 2000.

    Kind Regards Andy

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  2. It could be that someone has moved stuff around or even fitted it from another van.

    This is the info I have

    AAD35857-1013-4994-A449-C1E3279CA897.jpeg F24BAE87-4086-4914-8334-134205918B4A.jpeg
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  3. Merlin Cat

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  4. Hi Guys
    Thank you for the info Matty. Looks like she has the chassis strengthening, as stated in the article.
    I will keep checking online for info and will put anything new I find on here.

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