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  1. Been moaning about my Peugeot Expert works van for ages coz it just doesn't make me smile so New Year New Van!!
    Anyone got a good Bay for sale?
  2. I've got quite a few bud, but not panel vans! Go to work in style in a camper!!
  3. Why not get a T25 Panel van more useful and plenty more for sale and cheaper! I used mine for years good works vans.

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  4. Haha I know what you mean. I was tempted to buy a panel Bay as well as my camper for all my DIY and building jobs! But other half wouldn't have it!
    In that case best Bay panels are LHD unfortunately? Have a look on Autoscout.de and have a mini adventure !!
    Problem is the panel vans would have been worked hard so not many about in RHD?
    Good luck anyway hope you find one?
  5. Well as a bathroom fitter I was thinking more along the lines of taking a bath in a bus so no windows required ;)
  6. QUOTE="Stan, post: 813122, member: 138"]
    In that case best Bay panels are LHD unfortunately? Have a look on Autoscout.de and have a mini adventure !!
    Problem is the panel vans would have been worked hard so not many about in RHD?[/QUOTE]

    Might end up being a leftie (as is BearShack) but starting with an ideal & see how far I get!
    Any way all us over 40 have been over worked. Just need a few drops of ale/oil & we're back on it :beer:
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  7. Who'd you get your commercial van insurance through BTW?
  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    A left hand drive panel van won't be for the faint hearted.Visibility would be fairly bad I'd think.
    I'd think long and hard before using a bay as a works vehicle:
    How many miles do you cover?
    Any use restrictions where you are?
    Have you got a back-up vehicle?

    Don't get me wrong, I like seeing old commercials being used rather than as fashion accessories, but I certainly wouldn't want one myself!
  9. I dont have the T25 anymore but I insured it through National Famers Union (of all people!) they were ace let me use my normal (car NCB) on the van as well you can only drive 1 at a time cant you! This was a few years ago maybe they have gone tight now like everyone else but try them?

    I kindof agree with @Baysearcher its nice to have a classic as a daily and well I use my van as my normal get to and from work vehicle (130miles round trip) and it was reliable as any modern car but you need to keep on top of things with regular maintenance. Its in the garage now waiting for me to weld and spray it, however if you are a plumber and its just local pottering then should be fine, Why not comsider a Moggy Panel van instead - cheap to run, reliable and everyone will notice your business if you get it sign written? Morris Oxford Van? Jvan Citroen HY van , Estafette, Dont think VW only, there are so many cheaper alternatives that are just as interesting?
  10. Steve I'd say go for it...I've had the vw bug for many years and also wanted a
    Bay having a t25 for years. So as you we're thinking I decided to source a RHD bay panel van to suit a new business venture and also treat myself at the same time. I found one on ebay in good nick and chanced my arm and flew to Newcastle on Tyne from bristol with a pocket full of cash.
    The guy picked me up and spent a couple of hours looking through the it then hopped in and drove home with the callipers ceased most of the way!!
    I think most of us will agree that owning bay is more than just a place to crash on weekend holiday in the summer iand if you can maybe drive it every day and use it for business a little extra care (and money!) is only a small downside.
    On the plus side it certainly gets you noticed and has brought me a lot of work (property maintance) so much so we are now growing and looking for a pick up to add to the fleet.
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  11. Evnin , are u still afta a Bay panel dude ? Have decided to sell mine , its a totally stock n straight white rhd 1979 model with 12mths mot ... Has had all usual panels replaced steps n sills etc less than two yes ago , its a daily driver I will miss but just got me a pickup ... andy in staffs
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