Reverse light Beeper bulbs

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  1. Finally wired up my reverse lights the other day, from info on posts on here (I get all my ideas from this forum). Mine has never had them and had a blanking plug in the gearbox.

    I also bought and fitted reverse light bulbs with built in audible beepers from eBay (like you hear on lorries reversing) I was a bit sceptical if they would work so also had some normal bulbs on standby if they did not to check my new wiring and switch out.

    To my absolute joy and surprise they did work and have to say for me they are one of the best accessories I have fitted on the van (I know, simple things please simple minds and all that!!!) I bought them not for warning people behind you that you are reversing of course which they do, but more for now I can tell if I have managed to select reverse gear, I have always struggled selecting reverse gear normally taking two or three goes at best, gingerly letting the clutch up slowly only to find out I’m still in neutral or in-between gears with that horrible grinding noise.

    I now have an audible alarm to let me know I have selected reverse gear, so if you struggle to find reverse I can’t recommend these enough.

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  2. How loud are they?? But of a nightmare on site if you arrive late!!:thinking:
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  3. They are not that loud, I have a Vintage speed exhaust on mine and you can just hear over the exhaust.

    When i take the van to work i’m reversing out of the drive about 5.30 in the morning, and haven’t seen any neighbours curtains twitching yet!
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  4. Nothing like waking everybody up with slamming your door shut
  5. Nice one, I think I'll get some, would have saved the front when we first got the camper, good for manovering on campsites too, I'm paranoid about kids running around (mine and others):thumbsup:
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  6. Never heard of these before. Interesting but maybe I will just wire a Reverse sign on my dash as I have some spare strands on my front to back 7core cable.
  7. Not legal for a camper i was told. Only for vehicles over 3.5ton the man from VOSA said so i had to remove mine.
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  8. I might stick them in as brake light bulbs on the sprinter, much easier to know if they are working. ps. My neighbours are knobs :)
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  9. Dunno what you're on about, I left it open in the end lol!! ;)
  10. I have wired my switch to a small internal buzzer so I know when its in reverse, got sick of worrying where the gears were and I haven't started driving it in the road yet!
    However, its annoying so I might change it for a small lamp instead.

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