Retro Sound Model 1

Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by MrGrey, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Retro looking header unit for the van.

    Was very east to fit. No butchery of the dash required. Good quality construction.

    Expect to pay £180-£220 for the unit and another £20 for the facia. I got mine from VWHeritage, who were the cheapest.

    Face plates either chrome or black and chrome -expensive for a bit of plastic with a few holes in it.


    If you use the USB for your iPod then you can use the remote for basic functions


  2. nice one MrGrey
    I like the idea of remote control and the retro look with modern internals. Thats on my b'day list ;)
  3. yea there a good idea!
    prefer the black one with little chrome in the advert,
  4. Cheers :D

    The boss wanted chrome to go with what she calls the Retro Disco look O0
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