Resto castor wheel body support trolley.

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  1. Hard to find descriptive title for this lot. If you want to remove all your running gear and still move your van around (almost on a 6 pence) then this is what I used. Very heavy duty wheels from an industrial trolley, one pair fixed and 2 castoring. The timbers shown were placed under chassis rails. You may have to make up some extra wooden or metal bits depending on where you want to place the wheels. Van castor set.jpg

    Here they are under Lottie OS in blue_NEW.jpg

    Collection only Somerset BA22 8JE. £30

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  2. Novel approach, obviously works
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  3. With a bit more timber and welding the wheels were part of a roll over frame I uses in the early part of the project.
    On side.jpg
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  4. What setting do you have the mig on for wood Martin?
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  5. BBQ
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