Rescued By The RAC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mi2itsdl, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Out in my Bus on Sunday, only got 1/2 mile up the road when the accelerator cable when flat to the floor and I was going nowhere with the engine reving its nuts off. I could lift the pedal back up with my hand and press it gently to get a few revs, which enabled me to reverse off a main road and into a side road with my Wife out back holding up the traffic. Soon after pedal would not return at all.

    Anyway RAC called out and turned up in 45 mins. I told him that the cable was still attached to carb but very slack. He got underneath and said that a very small C clip had come off the pedal linkages and as luck would have it, he had one (and only one) in his van.

    Back on my way in just over the hour.

    Question I have is, I know you guys carry spare cables for clutch and acceleartor, but does anyone carry any small linkage parts, like clips, springs, nuts, washers etc.

    Are these parts normally reliable, or should I stock up on spares?


  2. carry as many spares as you fill you need, ;) the RAC are allways there
  3. I have washers and something to cut them with also you can use wire to get you home....Improvisation is the name of the game but you need experience knowing what to do ,I have never phoned the RAC in 12 years... 8)



    cos I`m with the AA... ;D

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