Replacement Steering wheel options?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mellow yellow, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Hi

    Just a quick question, I've searched but could only find a thread of a member who hasn't been on here since 2017 i think.

    My steering wheel is crumbling away, black hands every time I drive my bus, appears the rubber (if that's what it is) is disintegrating, can be moulded by my fingers etc like putty, so I'm thinking to buy another steering wheel.

    I could go OEM reproduction, but not sure on quality of these, buy a Brazilian "fatter" steering wheel for circa £100 new or go wooden steering wheel?

    I'm thinking in summer the wooden steering wheel will heat up some, but at circa £300+ for MCJ and equivalent, I've got more essential stuff to spend on lol.

    I did however see this

    I think it's the same guy a few members here bought steering wheels from "Alexandertech18" though his email has changed slightly from before.

    Part of my thinking was hoping to get a Disc-lock onto the steering wheel to deter thieves, prevention etc and all that, plus dirty big security post infront of the van, until I can get it into my garage (soon I hope- just getting plumbers quotes to move boiler in garage back - quoted £££'s)

    Are Brazilian steering wheels possible to fit late bay 79 bus? Is it a ball ache to fit?

    cheers Julian
  2. I fitted a wooden one 5 years ago ( birthday present) and use a disclock (large size). The disclock is not big enough to fit the standard steering wheel
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  3. I think you need to buy the version for 4x4s and airbags. I think I have the box somewhere if anyone needs a pic.
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  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I've got an Alexandertech steering wheel. Its fine. I'm sure it's not as "good" as an MCJ but then it's not £300 either!
  6. One of these would probably work in the short term.

  7. A Brazilian wheel is a straight swap - no modifications required. But if some scrote wants your bus he’ll take it, Disklok or not.
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  8. Okies, just found out my new Brazilian steering wheel is same as OEM - 450mm (not as stated 435mm) - so will be returned now :/

    So looking at options:-
    Are the Wooden steering wheels comfortable to drive with?

    Anyone fitted an aftermarket leather rimmed steering wheel?

    Cheers Julian
  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    The wooden ones are no more or less comfortable than an originals.
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  10. I wrapped my stock steering wheel in crepe bandage before lacing one of those cheap leather look covers on it. Very comfy and looks fine. It's black.
  11. Same black hands on mine - I got a leather cover from eBay (cut for a T2) and it was fab. Had another for a different car and they're really good.

  12. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Snap. I did that with the one that is now on my “might need 1 day” pile.
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  13. Why is the seller away till Oct 2020? Locked up?
  14. I fitted a genuine leather cover to mine many years ago which improved comfort no end. Can't remember the make but I got it from eBay, may have been 'Wheel skins' or similar, pretty sure it was from the US. I remember there being many options re girth and circumference and not many manufactures at the time offered anything which would fit the standard bay wheel. Very happy with mine, a great fit, cool and grippy in the heat of summer, warm to the touch in winter.

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  15. I bought one of those cheap eBay lace on plastic wheel covers like @Baysearcher when my leather cover started going sticky in damp weather.

    I do have a stock late late straight spline steering wheel with a cracked hub kicking around. Bought it off a charity stand at a swapmeet on the off chance it might fit, dont need it.
  16. I think mine was Custom Steering on ebay, UK based- they look like a factory covering when stitched up:thumbsup:
  17. Julian
    Re the boiler move there is a few of the us plumbers on here sure one of us would gladly give you a quote I am Romford not sure where you are
  18. Hi mate

    That would be great fella. I'm in Bexley!

    Any plumbers that would be able to give me a quote, if you could drop me a PM !

    Cheers julian

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